~ How will I ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering? ★
The problem with letting people enter your heart is that they have the ability to destroy it. They have the ability to take all the goodness out of it till you no longer feel your heart existing anymore.
No don’t fucking tell me you care. If you really care you won’t leave me. If you really care, you’d do everything to be part of my life. so just shut the fuck up
You pretend to love me and I pretend to believe you.
- Jeigo, I want it to be Real (via jeigo)
Stephanie Brown: (bumped into by Tim) Oh, I'm sorry. I was just looking for the mailman.
Tim Drake: Oh, what? Are you saying I'm not a male man? Is that what you're trying to say? I'm not male, I'm- I'm not a man? Is that- is that what you're getting at?
Stephanie Brown: Are you crying?
Tim Drake: (runs away sobbing)
Stephanie Brown: No, Alfred, I do not want cocoa. Honestly, I'm eighteen years old.
Alfred Pennyworth: Okay. I just thought I remembered somebody saying last week that her fantasy was to live in a chocolate house.
Stephanie Brown: Well, that’s impractical. And fattening.